For those who do not like exotics and prefer traditional dishes of European cuisine


“Rakovaya on Petrogradka” will expand the network of Moscow institutions of the network of gastronomic bars “Rakovaya”, among them “Rakovaya on Tishinka”, “Rakovaya on Usachev” and “Rakovaya on Taganka”.
The author of the concept, the ideologist and the owner of the network Evgeny Nichipuruk is an experienced Moscow restaurateur, event producer and owner of the agency, and also a writer. According to him, “Rakovaya on Petrogradka” will support the tradition of all establishments of the network, but with its special St. Petersburg charm.

Laconic design, rough furniture made of oak, metal and leather, famous red lamps and the obligatory “Rakovaya” bright accent will make the new institution an exclusive art object. The main feature of the cuisine of the institution, and it can be seen from its name, will be the emphasis on the preparation of crayfish. Seventeen types of lobsters are waiting for visitors of the new restaurant, as well as five kinds of Black Sea mussels, roasted crucian carp with mousse of fried onions and potatoes, a red mullet, a king crab, salted mushroom tartar and much more.

The kitchen of the project is answered by Anton Shirokov. The cook started his career in Coco and Fahrenheit and developed it to the brand-chef of the chain of gastronomic bars “Rakovaya”. “Many of our dishes have long been known for cooking history, but we prepare them with an interesting modern reading. Of course, crawfish is an exquisite and favorite delicacy for beer! At us for today 17 recipes of their preparation, it is the flagship section in the menu. In Moscow, in each of our establishments a month eat more than one and a half tons of this delicious product, – says Yevgeny Nichipuruk. “I hope our crayfish will enjoy the same taste for St. Petersburg residents.”


All very much!

Very bright and spacious apartment. There is everything you need. Pleasant and helpful staff.

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Did not last long, but I liked everything

Dressing gowns. You can sell your soul for them. Very pleased with the gift for the newlyweds, it was very nice.

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Convenient location, round the clock reception, clean in the room.

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Very helpful staff, value for money, spacious and clean rooms

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Lovely hotel

We took a cozy two-room suite for two. The room has everything that can be useful for stopping at the hotel for any period - from home appliances, ending with air conditioning in each room. Polite and unobtrusive staff. Acceptable price.

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A great place to relax and work

Incredibly cozy rooms with a stunning atmosphere! And, at a surprisingly low price for such rooms. Often it is necessary to stay in hotels, but in this price category this option left the best impression from the list of all hotels in which one had to stop

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